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root@Dragon-X:~# Welcome everyone to my website! This website is for all those beginners in Hacking.


Computer programming is really IMPORTANT in hacking, not only in hacking but programming is required in every field of IT. If you know few programming languages it can help you in many fields. To be a good hacker you should be a good programmer too. Most of the people think that programming is really hard, it is not hard all you have to do is understand the programming language infact you have to learn it you have to remember its syntax

Following are few examples of Programming Languages

and soo onnn...

Before you start learning Computer Programming Language you must learn some web development languages.

Web Developing languages are those by which you can create and design websites

Following are few examples of Web Developing Languages

These languages are easy to learn and understand and these languages will get you mind ready and set it so you can learn programming languages which are quite large.

The best place to start leraning programming languages on web are

I would recommend you codecademy because it starts with light weight languages first and then goes to hard ones.

It starts teaching you HTML/CSS then goes to jQuery then Javascript then Python then Ruby and so on.

If are not intrested in learning Web Developing Languages and want to jump right onto Programming Languages then I would recommend you to start learning Python Programming Language it is one of the easiest language to start with and it has great ability. Speciall for hackers Python is the best.

If you want to start learning Python then here is a Great Book to start with, this is one of the best books out there download it for free from here.

Byte Of Python

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