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Linux is also a Operating System. Lets Get Deep in it.

Linux is an operating system mostly used by big companies, hackers, software developers, Pentesters (Ethical Hackers) etc.

Linux has all the tools installed, that will help you in Hacking

One Important Thing, You Have to understand about Virtual machines and then use Linux for your safety

Virtualization is a whole computer concept unto itself, at least on the server/enterprise/big-fancy-corporate level. For home users, talk about "virtual machines" generally refers to x86 virtualization.Basically, it's software that allows an entire operating system (the "guest") to run on another OS (the "Host"), whether in a container window, or full-screen, or in what's sometimes called a "seamless" mode, where just one application is run from the "guest".

To Use Virtual machines you can download Virtual Box

To Download Virtual Box Just Google

To Know The Complete History Of Linux and UNIX visit the link below


There are many types of Linux

TOP 5 Used By Hackers

  1. Kali Linux (Update Of BackTrack)
  2. NodeZero
  3. BackBox Linux
  4. Blackbuntu
  5. Knoppix STD

I Recommend You Kali Linux It has all the tools you need. But Still its your choice

Linux is an Open Source OS and it has great power and ability

Thats It For Now. I hope now you have a little clear concept about hacking.

Have A Good Day :)

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