Be Ethical Hacker

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Ethical Hacker Mind Set

This information has been taken from Darkhtu

Understand the concept of 5 W's ( What, Who, Where, When, Why) and 1 H (How)
Everything you work on or try to explore must have 5W's and 1 H concept in mind. What i am doing? Why i am doing? For Whom i am doing? Where it will take me? When i will reach destination and How i will expand further?

Always be curious
Always be curious like a new born baby i.e. never miss anything, learn everything from very beginning. A new born baby symbolizes for its curiosity, he wants to know how everything is going its around, why its going around? Become like new born baby. Listen to everyone carefully, read everything conceptually. Understand what that thing does and how it does?

Be Innovative
Be innovative : Always be innovative with your thoughts and never satisfy from past success. If i do this what will happen? How it will respond? This is the major step to avoid boredom and stagnancy.

Must have an Urge
Must have an Urge for getting better and better: The day you stopped progressing you are a dead men in technology. Technology is growing at 100 folds, everyday we have something new in market. So cope with it to remain alive.

Read as much as content
Read as much as content related to computers, subscribe Computer or internet geeks blogs, read manuals, articles, tutorials whatever you get. Everything teaches something unique.

Adopt the Mindset of Hacker
Adopt the Mindset of Hacker : As i have already explained above, to become a good hacker you have to think like one. That's why its a must to learn both aspects of Hacking Negative and Positive. If you don't think like other hackers you will not able to focus how other one gonna break into your system.

Learn how to Program
Learn how to Program: I will not focus on one programming language but must master at least one syntactically and others fundamentally. Rest Google is there for syntax.

Must have a Motive
Must have a Motive : Why you want to learn hacking, why you want to become a professional hacker and how you are going to achieve it.

So I hope you have understood a little more about Hacking mind set

You Know for everything you want to do or you do Motive is really important always believe in you self and always keep your views clear try to understand things. Always go deep to understand something more effectively

Dont forget to read the ebooks I provide you and will provide you :)

I Created this website to tell people that hacking is not always bad sometimes its for good and that hackers are not all bad some of them are good also :)

I want People to understand what is Hacking, Who are Hackers

Keep you aim in Life at one thing and remember Everyone is not meant to do everything, Some things suits you and some does'nt, Always Believe in yourself, Dont Let others handle your life Do what you want Do what you like and Do what makes you feel special.

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