Be Ethical Hacker

root@Dragon-X:~# Welcome everyone to my website! This website is for all those beginners in Hacking.

Ethical Hacker

Well I don't want to give again a explaination of Ethical Hacker so I will directly go to the topic how to get a Start

Well if you are serious about it and have desire about it nobody can stop you but remember one thing there will be a lot of hard times and you will have a chance to quit and if you do you lose and the ones who have not quit are now called hackers

Hard Work is really required for everything. There will be many times when you will not understand but dont quit try,try and try and you can do it. many times I also thought dude I will quit but I didn't cuz I have a dream to become a Ethical Hacker

You can't be perfect at once you have to gain knowledge about it and have to keep patience

Okay Let's Go Next

Two Important Things To Be a Ethical Hacker

Knowledge Of Programming Languages (Coding)

Knowledge Of Linux

Well to be honest Coding is actually the main part which will take time like 5-6 years or if you already know some computing language you can do it faster

Knowledge of linux can be gained by using Linux. I will get to this matter later

Programming Language

A programming language is defined as a language used to communicate with computer if have knowledge of programming languages you can build softwares by your self and tools which can be handy here I will provide you some websites which can help to get started with coding

These two sites will help you alot specially for a beginner Codecademy is recommended . It will teach you some computing languages which is the Basics

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